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Calgary hot water tank supply, install, and repair services.

Quality hot water tank replacement Calgary services. When you need the services of the best hot water tank Calgary installers, repairs, and maintenance, reach out to the team at RPG. Family owned and operated, they have your best interests at heart when it comes to professional hot water tank plumbing services.

There is nothing RPG Calgary can’t handle when it comes to your Calgary hot water tank needs.

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Install and Repair | Hot Water Tanks Calgary

We take our hot water for granted these days. Albeit the hot water that serves most taps, showers, and appliances in Calgary is served from a hot water tank in your home or building. When tank and water heater are operating properly there are no issues! But when it’s time for replacement or repair, that’s when it comes time to call in a professional.

At RPG we’re versed in all manner of Calgary hot water tank replacement and hot water tank repair Calgary wide. We serve all the way from Cochrane, to Calgary, to Strathmore and everywhere in between.

Generally for Calgary hot water tank parts are readily available, and if we don’t have what you need in town then we’ll order it in for you.

While cold showers are apparently all the craze today, not every loves turning their relaxing hot showers in the morning into an ice cold shower… no matter the health benefits! Curious on hot water tank replacement cost Calgary specific? Just give us a call or request a quote through our website. We’ll walk you through your competitive Calgary hot water tank replacement cost and any repairs costs.

RPG Calgary is an exceptional choice for Calgary hot water tanks supply, installation and repairs. We’re a family owned and operated customer focused plumbing contractor. Let RPG take care of all the fine details of selection, servicing, and regular maintenance for your home’s hot water needs.

Hot Water Tank Service Calgary

No matter what your hot water tank or heater issue, we’ve got you covered. Don’t go without hot water ever again, stay on top of your hot water tank maintenance with the help of the professional team at RPG Calgary!

      • Calgary hot water tank replacements
      • Calgary hot water tank repair
      • Calgary water heater repairs
      • Inspections and assessments
      • Calgary hot water tank parts
      • Sacrificial anode rod replacement
      • Gas line connections
      • Permitting requirements
      • Tuning water tank temperature
      • Water line connections
      • Service for temperature/pressure release valves
      • Insulation installations
      • Replacement of fans, compressors, or evaporators
      • Hot water tank maintenance Calgary

**Trust water heater repair Calgary services to a professional versed and ticketed to work on gas fed appliances. Natural gas is nothing to play with.


Hot Water Tank Inspections and Repairs


Typically you should have your hot water tank and water heater system tested or inspected every 1-2 years.

This is especially true if your system is over 5 years old. With Calgary’s normally hard-water supply, calcium build can cause damage to the internals of your system.

Inspect your hot water tank regularly and ask your Calgary plumbing professional if you need to treat your hot water system for calcium build up. Treating your home’s domestic water supply with a water softener system will help to increase your hot water tank system’s lifespan. Some households choose to annually inspect and flush their hot water tank. An inspection will serve to identify what components of your hot water tank or heater should be replaced or serviced.

Some key inspection points RPG will check for a hot water tank Calgary servicing:

      • Inspect the condition of the sacrificial anode rod and replace as necessary.
      • Inspect vents, pipes and other safety devices for damage and needed repairs.
      • Look for corrosion, leaks, or general weakness in the water tank.
      • Assess the quality of your water for discoloration and odor, which is generally a sign of corroding tank or corroding pipes.
      • Inspect pilot light operation for outages or unsafe operation.
      • Check the thermostat for inaccuracy in the temperature of water served to your domestic taps, showers, and appliances.

If you’re noticing any of the above issues with your hot water tank, it’s time to a Calgary hot water tank specialist! RPG is a always a safe bet. Reach out to us to request repairs, inspection, or replacement quote.

Don’t let your hot water tank or heater components fail. Regular inspections followed up with necessary maintenance and replacement of parts can facilitate longer hot water tank life span and less recurring repairs.



1. RPG Calgary provides full price quotes in advance, with no hidden fees.
2. Satisfaction is guaranteed on your home’s plumbing, heating, or gas work.
3. RPG Calgary is led by a team with 10+ years of commercial and residential plumbing experience. Safe to say, they’ll get the job done right the first time.

Don’t let your hot water tank or heater components fail. Regular maintenance and replacement of parts can facilitate longer hot water tank life span and less repairs.


Hot Water Tank Replacement Calgary


Most water heater tanks and systems will need replacement at the 10-15 year mark. But this varies from brand to brand, and frequency of inspection or replacement of parts in the past. Consider the brand of your hot water tank, check with the manufacturer. Some notable high quality brands that RPG recommends to it’s customers include Rheem, A.O. Smith, Bradford White, State, Kenmore, GE, and Whirlpool.

For a quick check, determine when your hot water tank was manufactured. Visually inspect your tank and look for the serial code. Water heaters Calgary timelines on replacement vary from brand to brand. But by decoding that serial code, you can get the manufacturing date, and consult with your manufacturer on suggested replacement periods. Reach out to your manufacturer with that serial code and they can give you all the information you require to make an educated decision if you need to move forward with further inspection, repair, or replacement.

Issues with hot water tanks only increase in frequency with age. At around the 8-10 year mark, you may experience the following:

  • Leaks in the water tank system.
  • No hot water or less hot water.
  • Increased bills in regards to gas or electricity.
  • Significant noise from your water heating system.
  • Rust or structural damage to the tank/boiler.

Weigh in the cost of frequent repairs over the last few years. Often, with aging Calgary water heater systems, it’s more cost effective to just outright replacing your hot water tank or water heater system.

Pick the Right Hot Water Tank Calgary Specific Model and Brand

Every household and building has different requirements for hot water. When picking the right hot water tank for your home you need to consider space constrictions, fuel source, energy efficiency requirements, lifespan and more. All this needs to be balanced with your budget and home hot water needs.

Making the right selection of hot water tank can be a tough job.

With RPG Calgary’s hot water tank services, we’ll provide a free home assessment. Taking into consideration all your needs and your home characteristics, RPG will select the optimal hot water tank for your home. Cheap hot water tanks Calgary are available, but not recommended for most applications. There are many gas hot water tank Calgary brands and models to choose from, and ideally, you want to select a model that increases your home resale value, and makes sense from a lifecycle cost perspective. We can even recommend an electric hot water tank Calgary solution if it makes sense for your setup and hot water needs. 40 gallon hot water tank Calgary and 50 gallon hot water tank, even 60 gallon tanks are available. Larger or smaller, whatever is required to properly serve your property, RPG will help you make that decision, and detail the exact specifications in your quote. The best hot water tank replacement Calgary specific to your needs is the one that matches cost effectiveness with usability and reliability.

RPG is dependable, honest, and experienced, with over 12 years of residential and commercial experience. Trust family owned and operated, RPG Calgary hot water tank installations and repairs will be done on time, within your budget, and to the utmost quality.

If you require immediate service we ask that you call us at 403-815-5817. Gas powered hot water heaters can be dangerous when operating in a faulty or broken state. So immediate repairs should be dealt with in short order.


You will find average prices for hot water tanks approx. $2500 supply. Factor in installation, additional parts, and any adjustments to existing fittings and connections. On average for hot water tank installations, a replacement will be cheaper than an outright new home installation.

Giant hot water tank Calgary?

Sure, why not, we can supply and install all brands and models, including Giant, John Wood, Rheem, and others.

Interested in a tankless water heater solution?

Want to learn more about tankless water heaters?



What's involved in hot water tank maintenance Calgary?

Typically hot water maintenance includes a water flush, adjusting water temperatures, inspecting the access panel, relighting the pilot, removal of sediment, checking the anode, tightening loose fittings, and checking the insulation and tank integrity.

Should a hot water tank be flushed or cleaned?

Yes. Hot water tanks should be flushed every 6 months or so, and removed of sediment. The process will involve turning off the water heater, turning off cold water supply, allowing water to cool, locating the drain valve, and allowing the tank to drain. From there, a flush will involve allowing the cold water to supply to run through the tank.

Is hard water bad for my hot water heater?

Yes generally over time hard water can ruin water heaters and build up in hot water tanks. This can decrease the efficiency of your hot water heater system. This is due to the build up of calcium and other minerals from the hard water.

Where is the thermostat on my hot water tank?

Most hot water heaters have two thermostats. One will be at the top of the tank, and the other will be at the bottom of the tank. If you cannot find the thermostats on your hot water tank then reffer to your manual, or reach out to the manufacturer for specific details. If you don’t have your manual on hand you can probably download it online relevant to your brand, make and model.

How much does a hot water tank cost in Calgary?

You can expect the costs for a quality hot water tank to vary from $2,000 to $4,000 for most hot water tanks. Prices may vary depending on your brand, make, and model, and the hot water requirements of your home or property.

How much does it cost to replace a hot water tank anode rod?

Replacement of the sacrificial anode in your hot water tank is not an expensive endeavour and usualy will run a few hundreds dollars. It is mostly the labor to which you would be paying.

Do you provide water heaters Calgary services?

Yes, RPG Calgary services the water heater components of your hot water tank in addition to the lines, connections, valves, and components involved in your home or property’s overall hot water heating system.

What type of water heater is used for my home's hot water system?

Typically you will have a storage tank water heater, which is basically integrated with your hot water tank. Usually in Calgary we deal with natural gas powered hot water tanks.  Therefor a gas fed hot water heater is most common. But there are also electric or propane powered hot water heaters.

Is there supposed to be a valve that drips or spits water occasionally?

Typically this ius just the hot water tank drain valve that is leaking and it can be replaced individually. However this service would require a full drain of the system so best to do a simple flush and cleaning of your hot water tank at the same time. It’s important not to overtighten the valve, or the leak could become worse. There are specific torque specifications to adhere to generally.


















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