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Looking to protect your home from flooding or excess property runoff?

Get in touch with the team at RPG Calgary for a sump pump consultation.

Their expert plumbers are well versed in the installation, servicing, and repair of sump pump systems for homes and commercial properties.

Thinking of installing or replacing a sump pump for your Calgary home?

It could be a necessity.

Sump pumps are used to remove water that has accumulated in a basin installed at a below grade elevation. Calgary homes frequently will have sump pumps in the basement, boiler room, or mechanical room.

A sump is just a hole or basin pit in your home that holds your sump pump. Most homes have concrete foundations, meaning the installation of sump pump systems requires the cutting out of concrete(cylinder typically) and excavation down to create the sump.

A sump pump has valves that sense rising water levels or pressure. So on triggering from drainage from weeping tile or landscape drainage, floods (such as Calgary flood of 2013) or sewer backups, the pump automatically turns on and begins to discharge excess liquids safely away from your property.

In many cases a sump pump is integral to the property drainage plan. Meaning drainage and runoff from your property, in addition to groundwater, will be directed to flow towards your sump pump. This makes the sump pump a key component to prevent flooding in your home, but also helps to remove water accumulation from around your foundation and other below grade structural elements.

Any water back ups or flooding in your home can cause serious damage to finishes, electrical, mechanical and the residual moisture can cause mold and bacteria growth. The cost to remediate such issues can be shocking.

That’s why the money you spend on a sump pump installation or replacement pales in comparison to the cost to remediate damages from flooding. Sump pump systems are known to fail at times.

It’s important to note that your sump pump may require cleaning, maintenance, or if defective, complete replacement – all services that RPG Calgary can provide for you. You can do your part to keep your basements and crawl spaces dry this year by installing and scheduling in regular inspections of your sump pumps. Properly installed sump pumps, while functioning, really do work to send unwanted water away from your property, such as to an external storm drain, your lawn or a field.

The team at RPG Calgary know sump pumps systems inside and out.

They’ve been serving Calgary’s plumbing industry, commercial and residential for over 12 years. They’ll happily take care of installs, repairs, cleaning, and general maintenance for Calgary sump pump systems.

If you’re not sure where to start, or would like to know more about what exactly is required for a sump installation reach out to RPG Calgary for a quote and professional consultation.

Calgary sump pump services

Installation and repairs for sump pumps are best undertaken by a professional.

At RPG Calgary we offer a variety of sump pump services:

      • Full service sump pump installation
      • Pump replacements
      • Concrete sump cutting and coring
      • Concrete sump remediation
      • Sump pit cover or grate installation
      • Sump pump cleaning
      • Sump back-up pump installation
      • Assessment of sump pump for proper sizing
      • Fixing sump pump float switch
      • Sump pump check valve inspection
      • Assessment of noisy sump pumps
      • Fixing clogged sump pumps
      • Replacing or repairing sump pump discharge lines
      • Fixing sump pump cycling issues
      • Installing sump pump alarms

Having the perfect sump pump system installed is essential for home owner peace of mind. Installing a sump pump correctly is a task best delegated to a professional Calgary plumber.

Start eliminating the risk of flood or sewer backup damage to your below grade rooms! Request a free sump pump Calgary quote today.

Inspect your sump pump regularly. If your sump pump is on frequently, the motor may burn out, or other mechanical components can fail. That’s when it’s time to call a professional plumber to assess if it’s more cost effective to replace the pump or repair it.

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1. RPG Calgary provides full price quotes in advance.
2. Satisfaction is guaranteed on your home’s plumbing, heating, or gas work.
3. RPG Calgary is led by a team with 10+ years of commercial and residential plumbing experience.

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How long does a sump pump system last?

The average lifespan of a sump pump is 7-10 years, but it all depends on how often the sump pump system is in operation, and the amount of water required to move away from your property operation cycles.

If not replaced within this time frame, compounding costs of frequent repairs can exceed the purchase price of a new one.

What should you inspect on your sump pump?

There are a number of issues that can arise with sump pumps. A great way to test the overall operation of your sump pump is to fill a bucket with water and pour it into the sump. If operating correctly, your sump pump will come on. From operation startup you can inspect a number of characteristics to determine the health of your system.

Prior to startup sump pump testing and during operation, you’ll want to inspect the following:


      • Sump pump float switch / valve
      • Sump pump check valve
      • Levelness of the pump itself
      • Wiring / electrical hookups
      • Motor operation noise
      • Structural integrity of the impeller
      • Connections for electrical and fluid discharge
      • Obstructions in the discharge line
      • Airtightness of the sump lid or grate
      • Build ups of mineral or bacterial iron

How can you maintain your sump pump?

The lifespan of your sump pump can be extended if you regularly clean it and make sure the sump pump is not overextended by continuous running. If unsure about its age or condition, have someone come assess for repairs before any issues arise that may cost more than just buying another one!

A good way to test the operation of your sump pump is to fill up your sump pit with water to a level where the pump will be engaged. Observe it’s operation to assess to health of the system. In some cases, cleaning, de-clogging, replacement of connections will be required to ensure your sump pump is operating efficiently.

Do you need a back-up pump?

With a back-up pump, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs or damage in the event that your power goes out during heavy storms. Power outages can cause your primary sump pump to shut off. A back-up sump pump system is designed so it will sense when primary pumps stop working and begin operation. Back-up sump pumps are battery operated, so they don’t rely on the power grid.

Overall it’s up to you whether to decide whether or not to install a back-up pump for your sump pump system.

Consider, the prevalence of flooding in your community, finish level of your basement and prevalence of sewer backups in your neighborhood. Whether or not you have an alternative flood prevention method in your home such as a backwater valve also be taken into consideration.

What should you look for in a new sump pump?

Typically, your plumbing professional of choice is going to assess and provide the best choice sump pump system for your home and current situation.

However, here are a few factors that need be considered when selecting a sump pump system:


      • Adequate horsepower ratings
      • Meets size requirements for your pit
      • Noise levels during operation
      • Lifespan of the sump pump
      • Warranty associated with the sump pump

What is a sump pump alarm?

Sump pump water alarms alert you when when the water in your sump pit has risen top high. Similar to a float switch, a sump pump alarm is positioned within your sump pit, setup to radiate a loud alarm when water levels reach the alarms positioned level in your pit.

A sump pump alarm can valuable as they’ll indicate when your sump pump isn’t doing the job anymore. This could be in a situation of excessive flooding, where the pump itself is overwhelmed.

At least, with an alarm, you don’t have to constantly monitor the situation. At the point the alarm sounds, start thinking of alternative means you can provide in a jiffy to further prevent flooding.

Can you unplug your sump pump?

Generally unplugging a sump pump is not a good idea. Since your sump pump is crucial to discharging the excess drainage from your property, whether that be groundwater, rain runoff, or from foundation drainage such as weeping tile, your sump pump is needed all year round. There are a few scenarios where unplugging your sump pump makes perfcet sense though.