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Need tankless hot water heater Calgary installation, supply, or servicing? Look no further.

RPG is your family owned and operated tankless hot water heater Calgary specialist!

Hot water on demand Calgary solutions for your home, property or business. In Calgary tankless water heater solutions have never been more popular.

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A tankless hot water heater produces hot water on demand. They are also know as an on demand water heater, instant hot water heater, or inline water heater.

Tankless water heaters can heat your home’s water supply without the usage of an external hot water storage tank. They only heat water as you need it, so they are more energy efficient.

Due to the life cycle cost savings versus a traditional hot water tank system, tankless water heater installation Calgary systems are ever more popular.

The tankless water heater hooks up to your domestic water supply or existing home water tank. When you turn on a tap or shower in your home, the on demand water heater activates to supply freely available hot water. Calgary tankless hot water systems will take a few seconds to heat up the necessary amount of water, only as needed for your immediate consumption. This is unlike a traditional hot water tank, which holds water hot for long periods of time, whether you need it or not. Keeping a traditional hot water tank at a set temperature leads to losses in energy efficiency overall in comparison to demand hot water systems.

Tankless Water Heater Calgary Services:

RPG Calgary tankless water heater installation and servicing includes a multitude of on demand water heater services and feature including:

  • Tankless water heater repair in Calgary
  • Thermostat hookup
  • Gas connections and valves
  • Water line connections
  • Permitting
  • Pressure relief valves
  • Integration with hydronic air handler unit
  • Radiant heating applications
  • Hydronic heating applications
  • Combi boiler installations
  • Home assessments
  • Tankless water heater Calgary price pints
  • Electrical tankless water heater Calgary units
  • Connections with existing hot water tanks

    Tankless gas water heater Calgary installations or repairs should only be performed by a ticketed gas fitter.  You’ll ensure a safe and tidy install. The team at RPG are experts in tankless hot water Calgary solutions. They’re versed in all makes and models including but not limited to Noritz, Bosch, Ecotemp, Navien, Rinnai, Takagi, Chronomite, Rheem and more.

    Not sure of the best tankless water heater for your Calgary home?

    Feel free to reach out for a consultation and free quote specific for your home or property.

    Tankless water heaters only run when you demand hot water of them, such as when you shower. Otherwise, they’re off, saving you costs on energy versus traditional hot water tanks.

    tankless water heater illustration

    On demand water heaters can serve your hot water needs just as well as traditional tanks. Expect a 10-30 second wait for hot water when your home is served by an on demand water heater.

    tankless water heater hooked up to a smartphone remotely allowing control of temperature and settings

    Benefits of a Calgary tankless water heater:



        • Constant assurance that you will have hot water. No need to time your showers, water is heated as you need, not fed from a tank that can be depleted. **If you select an electric tankless water heater this does not apply.
        • Increased home resale value. A tankless water heater installation is a wise choice for lifecycle savings and has potential to increase your home’s resale value.
        • Less likely to breakdown. When you install a new water heat you can rest easy knowing it will be less likely to breakdown than your old system.
        • Multi-purpose solution. A tankless water heater can provide heating solutions for hydronic air handling units, radiant floor heating, baseboard heaters, domestic hot water usage, and appliance hot water needs.
        • Robust warranties. Tankless water heaters come with warranties up to 10 years, and manufacturers warranties are longer in some cases.
        • Conserve on space. By design a tankless hot water heater just takes up less physical space than a traditional hot water tank.
        • Safe and effective. Tankless water heaters have built in safety features that can shut down water flow if something is not right.
        • Flexible for your property requirements. You can run your tankless water heater via electricity or gas. Often, you’ll be able to use the existing gas connection to your hot water tank.
        • Advanced features. Tankless water heaters can come with advanced features. For example, remote control of your water heater system from anywhere in the world and integration with the latest thermostat and home management systems.

    Considerations for a Calgary tankless water heater installation:


    A tankless water heater is a serious investment. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of these systems, as well as technical considerations. RPG Calgary’s skilled team is here to help you decided whether or not an on demand water heater is a wise choice for your home or property.


        • You may need a water softener system. Calgary’s water supply is known as hard water. Hard water lime and mineral build up can waive warranty of some tankless water heater systems. It’s hard on the system.
        • Access to gas line. Gas powered or gas fed tankless water heaters will require a safe and reliable gas connection. Sometimes you can utilize your existing gas connection to hot water tank. If the tankless water heater is supplementing your existing hot water tank, a new gas line may be required. An in home consultation is your best bet to see what’s needed for the BTUs associated.
        • For electric models, in a power outage, you’ll be without heated water. A tankless water heater only supplies hot water on demand, in a power outage, you won’t have hot water stored in a tank to use as you need. Unless, you have an existing hot water tank working in conjunction for emergency situations.
        • Hot water may not be immediate. You may have to wait to be served with hot water for showers, typically about 30 seconds maximum. But this is similar to hot water tank setups in most homes.
        • You’ll need a professional home assessment. To install a tankless water heater will require a full home or building assessment based on your hot water requirements. Other factors, permitting, and professional installers should be considered.

    Technical considerations for tankless water heater selection:

    Litres Per Minute(LPM)

    Before selecting a tankless water heater unit, brand, or model, an assessment on the litres per minute or gallons per minute needed for your home is required. appliance Appliance and domestic water usage requirements are considered.

    Existing Connections

    Any installations of an on demand water heater needs to consider the necessary gas or electrical connections.

    Temperature Rise

    Temperature rise impacts the size and capability of tankless water heater selection. Criteria include the set temperature you desire, domestic water temperatures, and distance travelled.


    The brand you buy is a key factor to look at when considering the ENERGY STAR ceritfication and ratign of the unit.


    Gas-powered tankless water heaters vary in cost mainly on the amount of British Thermal Units (BTU) they output. Typically the less BTU capability the less the cost associated.

    Unit Type

    There are various types of tankless water heaters to choose from including, high-efficiency natural gas powered, typical gas-powered, and high or low efficiency electric heater.


    You may qualify for government rebate on tankless hot water heater installation, mainly dependent on the type of tank/unit selected. Secure a quote specific to your home to see what you qualify for.


    The sizing and selection of a unit or model can be restricted to location you inted for it to be installed.

    Are tankless water heaters cost effective?

    The lifecycle costs for a tankless water heater in a typical home application will outweigh the higher upfront costs of installation. According to the US Department of Energy a tankless water heater can be 24%-34% more energy efficient when compared to conventional storage tank water heaters.

    Tankless water heater installations costs are more than hot water tank install and replacement costs. You need take into account modifications to gas lines, water lines, and venting if you’re switching from hot water tank to an on demand system. If you already have a tankless on demand water heater system in your home, replacement costs can actually be similar to that of traditional hot water tank replacement. Tankless water heaters generally have more easily replaceable parts and lower maintenance costs than traditional systems.

    Overall you’ll need to consider the energy bill savings over the typical lifespan for a tankless water heater. With the right model you can get 15 years, of reliable energy efficient hot water supply for your home.

    Tankless water heater Calgary cost?

    **supply only gas fed unit costs, not including labor or other fees

    Whole House / High End

    The entry point for a gas powered tankless water heater to properly serve a typical home is up to $5,000

    Mid Tier / Standard Demand

    The cost for a typical tankless hot water heater in Calgary start at approximately $3,500+

    Above costs are estimates, not including installation fees. Other considerations in pricing out a Calgary tankless water heater supply and installation include natural venting out o f the roof, or blowing out the side of the home. The presence of existing local gas or electrical connections in the suggested area of install also need be factored in. The utilization of the system in regards to hydronic applications, radiant heating, or tie in with existing traditional hot water system need be considered. To get an accurate quote for the application of a tankless hot water heater system for your home please reach out to Dan at RPG Calgary for a complimentary quote and home assessment.




















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